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How To Turn Your Yard Into An English Garden

Traveling throughout Europe can inspire just about every aspect of your life. Visiting paintings of Van Gough in Paris may make you want to collect fine art. Strolling through Amsterdam may make you fall in love with colorful architecture. And traveling through the English countryside may give you some inspiration to revamp your garden. If you have a traditional yard that is less of a garden than anything, you may be wondering how you can make it look a little bit more like the ones you have seen in England. Because England is known for its beautiful gardens, you can definitely draw some inspiration from them, but how? This article will take a closer look. Read on to learn some more.  

Get a Wrought Iron Fence

One of the first things that you should do is remove any fencing that you currently have and replace it with wrought iron fencing. Specifically, add some short wrought iron fencing all around your front yard and then have a gate made for your front pathway. A wrought iron fence won't just act as a barrier between your house and your neighbors, but it will also add that English-garden-feel that you've been wanting. 

Get Flower Bushes

Another thing that you will want to do is have a bunch of flower bushes planted throughout your garden. Traditionally, English gardens are filled with a variety of different rose bushes and other flowering bushes like hydrangeas. When it comes to planting them, the more, the merrier. But, just remember that you want to trim your flower bushes reasonably often so that they don't get overgrown and look disheveled. 

Create Pathways

Having a stone pathway from your garden gate to your front door will make your garden feel like it belongs in the English countryside. Additionally, consider adding some stone pathways throughout your yard and garden so that you can walk through and trim, cut, and smell all of your beautiful flowers. Stone pathways will also add a little bit of that architectural element that you may be going for or that will attract some more interest to your garden overall. 

The perfect English garden will require a lot of work and upkeep on your end, but once you get into gardening, it can quickly turn into one of your favorite hobbies. To learn more about flowers and wrought iron fencing, reach out to a landscaping company near you.