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4 Tips To Help Choose The Right Wood Fencing Features For The Needs Of Your Home

There are many different reasons why you may be installing a new fence for your home. Therefore, you will want to consider the right improvements in order to reduce wear, improve privacy or keep digging-prone dogs inside the yard. The following tips will help you choose the right features for the needs of your new wood fence:

1. Create A Design the Reduces Visibility and Gives Your Home More Privacy

One of the goals that you may have with a new wood fence is to create a private outdoor area for your home. Therefore, you want to reduce visibility from outside the enclosed area. Consider a solid design rather than staggered pickets for this. In addition, you may want to consider additional features, like adding to the height with transom features or covering the interior with a windscreen or other materials where you want privacy the most.

2. Installing A Durable Foundation to Prevent Dogs from Digging Beneath Wood Fencing

If you are building a fence that is also meant to keep dogs or pets enclosed on your property, wood fencing can be good, but you will want to prevent digging as well. The best way to prevent digging is to use a masonry or concrete foundation that will prevent digging beneath the fence. In addition, you may want to consider hardscaping ground cover around the fence line to help discourage digging.

3. Ground Covers to Prevent Wear of Fencing Where Dirt Splashing Up Is A Problem

Splash-up from dirt can be a problem with wood fences because it causes the perfect conditions for fungus and mildew on the surface of materials. To prevent these problems, consider adding a ground cover like gravel, porous hardscaping covering, and other ground covers to help keep your wood fence clean to prevent rot and wear.

4. Add to Outdoor Living Space with Wood Fence Hardware and Lighting for Post Caps

The wood fencing design can also include features that add to outdoor living space areas. First, you may want to include features like seating and outdoor planters that are integrated into the design of fencing. In addition, there are also options for post caps that add to the lighting of your outdoor spaces and improve the appearance of your wood fence.

These are some tips that will help you with choosing the right features for your needs when you have a new wood fence installed. If you are ready to enclose your property, contact a residential wood fencing company and talk to them about some of these features for your fencing project.