Fencing Your Pool

Are You Designing A Commercial Play Area?

Is your dream of building a children's commercial play area finally coming true? Maybe you remember being a city kid and not having access to a backyard. Or, maybe you remember going to places like water parks, miniature golf parks and spending time on play equipment. Are you wanting to provide all of those fun things in one area? Do you already have plans for how you will carry out your dreams? If not, from arranging for commercial fence installation for the different play areas to selecting furniture for a patio place, here are some ideas that might help you.

Commercial Fence Installation - Think of selecting two types of fences for your new commercial play area. The first fence would encircle the entire acreage. Something like a white wooden fence with attractive posts as part of the design would provide privacy and safety for those who attend the play park. If you do select a white wooden fence, consider buying a gate that will have the name of your facility as part of the design. For example, if the name of your play park is Nick's Phantasy Phun, the initials N, P, and P could be part of the design. Another idea for the gate would be to have smiley faces as part of the gate's design.

The second set of fences would be to divide the activities at the play park. Metal bars or another see-through metal design would both be appropriate choices. Choosing metal for the secondary fence material would provide contrast. On the other hand, if you want to stick with white wooden fencing, consider having it be shorter than the main fence.

The secondary fences would divide things like a playground with slides, swings, age-appropriate rock climbing walls and other safe play equipment. A miniature golf area and a water park would also be divided by the secondary fences.

A Patio Area - Think of establishing a place where adults and children could have treats that will be sold at your play park. Choose colorful furniture that kids will love. Besides large tables and chairs, think of also installing kid size picnic tables and chairs or benches.

Choose furniture that will perform well in outdoor weather. For example, plastic, outdoor wicker or wood would all be good furniture choices. Or choose regular furniture that has weather-resistant upholstery as part of the design. Consider having a colorful awning that will cover the entire patio area.