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4 Design Features That You Will Want To Consider Before Installing A New Wrought Iron Fence

If you want to install a new elegant fence, wrought iron is one of the best choices of materials. Wrought iron also gives you a lot of options for the design, details, and style of your new metal fencing. You may want to have the spacing of fencing wider for visibility like an entrance to a driveway or custom details added to the design of your wrought iron gate. The following wrought iron design features are some of the options you may want to consider for your new fence.

1. Using Wider Spacing For The Wrought Iron Fencing Where Visibility Is Important

Wrought iron fencing can be installed to enclose your entire property, but it is often used for the front entrances of estates. These are also areas where you may not want to diminish visibility for security or safety reasons. Consider the spacing of your spires to allow for more visibility where it is needed, like at blind driveways where you need to be able to see what is behind you when backing out or at entrances where you want to be able to see who is at your front door.

2. Give Your Wrought Iron Fence More Details With Decorative Finials That Top The Fence

There are wrought iron fences with spires and rails or wrought iron fences that are finished on the top with finials. The finials are the pieces of spires that stick up past the top rail of the fence and are usually decorative. The finials can have designs that include, spikes, spades, floral patterns, and bronze-plated details. Consider finials with more decorative details for areas where appearance is most important, such as in front of your home and at the main gate entrances.

3. Using Spires That Give Decorative Details Or Add Decorative Details Between Wrought Iron Spires

The vertical components of wrought iron fencing are cold spires. These are the components that will need to be spaced wider where you need more visibility through the fence. The spires can also have decorative details to make them more attractive, such as twisted designs or fine artistic details. Add details to areas where you want to have more aesthetically pleasing appearances, such as fencing facing the road, near gates, or main areas of the fence that are visible.

4. Have Custom Gates Built And Installed To Create The Unique Design Of Your Wrought Iron Fence

Often, wrought iron fences are used to completely enclose a property and require gates to be installed at many entrances and driveways. The main entrances of your property will look more elegant and attractive if you have a custom wrought iron gate made for them. Consider personalization like surnames, initials, or other custom details that will make your new wrought iron gates unique and stylish.

These are some of the details and features you will want to consider for your new wrought iron fence. If you are ready to have a new fence installed around your home, contact a wrought iron fencing service, such as Security Fence, and talk to them about some of these ideas for custom design and details.