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Your Fence And Summer Maintenance

If your property has just had a fence constructed out of wood installed, it is important to understand that summer weather can be particularly hard on it. The weather can do a number of things to your wood fence, including bleaching and dry rotting it. To ensure that your fence remains functional and attractive throughout the summer season and well into fall, it is important that you are familiar with the proper maintenance tasks to perform.

Remove Vegetation

While vines, such as ivy, may look beautiful as they grow on your wood fence, the vines often discolor and damage the wood over time. In some cases, the vegetation may attract rodents and insects that like to chew through the wood. Therefore, it is best to be safe and trim your grass, pull weeds, remove vines, and prune overhanging trees.

Pressure Wash

Before the weather gets too warm, it is a good idea to perform a good pressure washing of the entire fence. In doing so, you will be able to remove any buildup of mildew, mold, and/or algae—all of which tends to get worse as the temperatures increase. In addition, power washing will help to increase the visual appeal of the property and make it more inviting, which is helpful if you enjoy entertaining friends and family throughout the summertime. Plus, pressure washing the fence is a prerequisite to stain and finish the wood.

Stain and Finish

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you will do during the summer to take care of your wooden fence is to stain and finish it before it has been exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. If you fail to stain and finish your wooden fence once it has been installed on your property, the color of the wood can be washed out by the heat and UV rays from the sun. In addition, the rain may cause water damage and rotting. You can select any color of stain that you desire, but it is important that you opt for a sealant to finish it with that will make your wooden fence resistant to water, heat, and sunlight for optimal protection.

Even if you don't have a wooden fence installed on your property just yet and you would like one, contact a fencing contractor in your area to get an estimate. Either way, a fencing contractor can also provide you with more information related to summer maintenance tasks. For more information, contact companies like Butte Fence.