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Have A Deer Problem With Your Garden? What To Do Today

If you are having a hard time keeping deer out of your garden, or away from your greenery and landscaping, there is some fencing that you can get to keep them out. If the current fencing that you have isn't doing the job, or if you don't want to put up a fence around your entire property because the deer are only a problem in one space, there are some options. You will want to talk with a local fencing contractor about these things so you can move forward with keeping the deer out, without causing them any harm.

Specific Deer Fencing

Deer fencing is fencing that is designed to keep deer out of outdoor spaces, without being harmful to the environment or the deer. Often this is fencing that is:

The fencing that will be the best option for your property and the area where you are trying to keep the deer out will be determined by your budget, and the fencing contractor's material options. Ask to see the material before the fencing is put up, and get quotes in advance for the project. Contact a company like Straight Shooter Game Fencing to learn more. 

Repellent Options for Deer

There are other deer repellant options. You can get an unltrasonic detection device that will put out a sonar wave to help keep the deer out when the device detects the presence of a large animal within a certain radius of your property. You can also get pellets or other types of debris to spread around the property line that will help to keep the deer away from your home.

Deer are wild animals that can be a great nuisance when you can't keep them out of your property, especially if you have a garden or other landscaped area that you are trying to protect. If you are currently having a lot of problems with the deer in your area, these are a few of the options that you can try. If these options aren't working as well as you hoped, or if the deer are still gathering around the fencing constantly, you may want to contact your local wildlife patrol unit to see what other things they suggest in order to manage these wild animals throughout the year.