Fencing Your Pool

Custom Wood Fence Ideas To Concider

If you plan on having a fence installed, then you may want to go with a custom wood fence. Choosing a custom fence allows you to have a fence installed with the exact look that you want for your property. In order to learn about different things you may want in your custom fence, you can read the following ideas.

Wood and lattice

If you want a wood fence with a bit of a design along the top, then you may want to have a solid wood fence that has lattice along the top. The great thing about this type of custom fence is that it gives you the benefit of a solid fence, but it also has the lattice decoration along the top that adds a nice touch. It adds a bit of height without totally blocking visibility.

Different sized slats

You can have a wood fence installed that has slats of different sizes. The slats of different sizes can alternate in a uniform manner, or they can alternate randomly. The slats can be two different sizes, or they can be several different sizes. The slats can have the same amount of width between them, so your fence will serve your purposes for privacy or pet containment while giving you a unique look.

Two fence styles in one

If you are looking for something with a lot of character, then you might want a fence that is made from two completely different types of materials. For example, you could go with a wood fence that has brick posts. Or, you might want to go with a wood fence that has wrought iron gates. By mixing things up in this manner, you will get that nice, classic wood fence that you like, but you will also get the characteristics the other material has to offer.

Distressed wood fence

If you want a fence that is new but you like the look of a worn fence that has character, then you can go with a wood fence and then have that fence painted in order to give it a distressed look. This look can be achieved through a number of ways, but one common way is to put Vaseline on certain areas, paint the entire fence, and then wipe off the areas with Vaseline on them. This will help you achieve that worn look while giving you a new fence that's durable.