Fencing Your Pool

How To Determine The Best Fence For Your Yard

Putting in the perfect fence begins with good planning. Knowing what you want is a major part of the process.

Determine Your Primary and Secondary Purpose

All too often people only consider the main purpose for a fence when they begin shopping around. This is a recipe for dissatisfaction since the fence you choose will likely be in service for a decade or longer. Always begin by deciding the main reason you need a fence, whether it is privacy, security, or containment of pets and children.

Next, decide on the most important secondary attributes the fence needs to have. For example, is appearance and curb appeal important to you, or are you more concerned with easy maintenance or low cost? Perhaps you enjoy gardening, so a fence that can double as a trellis is a plus. You are ready to begin looking at different options once you know all the things you would like the fence to provide.

Understand the Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance can make or break your satisfaction with the fence you choose. If you prefer a fence that you can ignore most of the time, then opt for vinyl or chain-link fencing. Other than an occasional hose down with water, these materials rarely need maintenance. You may occasionally need to scrub vinyl with a sponge and bleach solution to kill any mildew, but this is a rare task in most climates.

Wood fencing typically requires the most maintenance because it must be periodically stained, painted, or sealed. You will also need to check the hardware periodically to make sure it hasn't become loose. You can minimize maintenance by choosing a rot and weather-resistant wood, such as cedar or pressure-treated wood. Some metal fencing, like wrought iron, will also be higher maintenance because it must be periodically sanded and repainted to remove rust and prevent future corrosion.

Set Your Final Budget

Chances are you can find a fence in your budget that meets both your physical needs for fencing as well as your aesthetic desires. Before shopping, set your maximum budget. This way you won't be tempted to break the budget by viewing options that are well outside of it.

For example, if your purpose for fencing is to keep your toddler from wandering off and to add to the curb appeal of your home, you may decide wrought iron is perfect. Yet, custom wrought iron fencing may be outside of your budget. Fortunately, there are lower cost — and lower maintenance — aluminum options that almost perfectly mimic the look of the traditional iron.

Contact a fencing company in your area for more help with finding the perfect fence for your needs.