Fencing Your Pool

Top Signs You Need Fence Installation Services

A good fence makes your property appear more attractive. Onlookers can't help themselves marveling at the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property. Unfortunately, regardless of how beautiful your fence is, it can't last forever. There will come a time when your fence has reached its limits, and you're required to seek fence installation services. Even repairs can't help you anymore. Here are the top signs it's time to acquire a new fence.

Your Wood Fence Has Glaring Large Holes

If one or two boards on your wood fence have holes, the chances are you might have the two affected boards replaced, and you're good to go. But if there are large, widespread holes on multiple boards, your whole fence could be at risk of falling. Typically, holes in wood are caused by pests like termites, burrowing bugs, and carpenter bees. These bugs eat the wood's internal parts; hence, the holes you see are only a small problem compared to the extensive internal damage. Attempting to repair these holes won't cure all the damage, so it's advisable you get a new fence altogether.

Your Fence Is Leaning or Sagging

Regardless of your fence type, you might notice it has started to lean or sag. In many cases, this is caused by footing problems. For example, underground water may get into the holes where the fence-posts are inserted, causing the concrete to crack. If you have a wood fence, the underground water may even cause warping. If your fence is leaning or sagging, that means it's not unstable. If you ignore this issue, the whole fence may be pulled along by water to shift its ground. Therefore, the best option is to seek fence installation services as soon as possible.

Your Fence Offers Insufficient Protection

You deserve a fence that offers sufficient protection. If your current fence has missing panels that allow stray animals to enter your home, it's not useful anymore and should be replaced.  You might also have installed your current fence when you didn't own a pet. But now you have a playful husky that likes to jump over the fence to meet your neighbor's bitch. You can decide to have a new taller fence so you don't have to worry about your pet running away. 

You have a Mismatched Fence

Everyone wants a fence that's aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If your fence has different mismatched colors with some boards taller than others in no particular order, your fence won't look good. While it's possible to repaint the whole fence using a single color, this may not always bring out the desired outcome. You should get a new fence and solve that issue once and for all. 

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