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Is Chain Link Fencing The Right Solution For A Location?

Chain link fencing is one of the most common ways to provide security and mark boundaries on properties. You might wonder whether a chain link fence is the right solution for your location, though. It may be if you're dealing with one of these 5 scenarios.

Large Area

If you're trying to protect or demarcate a large and open area, the chances are good that chain link fencing will be useful. This is especially true if you wish to find an economical way to do the job. Basic chain link fences may run as low as $9 per linear foot in cost, although there are higher-end options like vinyl-coated chain link systems that may add to the price. The peak cost for a top-tier alternative would likely be steel or corrugated fencing that might run as high as $50 per linear foot.

Outer Security Perimeter

Chain link fencing also tends to work well in locations where there may be additional security. A chain link fence makes an excellent first line of security because it's cost-effective and simple. People also tend to recognize a chain link fence as a security feature, and this can have deterrent value. Most folks will understand that they should stop there and move past the fence.

Similarly, a chain link fence can delay intruders. If you have a fence up with nearby security cameras, for example, would-be intruders will have to deal with crossing or cutting the fence. This will make their activities more visible on camera, and that can give you time to respond to the situation.

Animal Nuisances

If animals have come onto the property, chain link fencing can serve a similar deterrent role. This works best with animals that are medium-to-large in size, such as dogs and cats. Smaller animals will be able to sneak through the gaps in the links. Likewise, burrowing animals will be able to tunnel under the fence.

Marking Areas

Many businesses use chain link fencing inside storage areas to create contained areas. If you have a large warehouse, for example, a chain link fence can provide a boundary between distinct storage areas. This will reduce the chances that items from one zone will end up in the other.

Minimal Maintenance

If you're fencing an area with relatively low maintenance requirements, you probably don't want to spend a ton of money doing it. Chain link fencing has low maintenance costs in addition to its low upfront price. If a section is damaged in a storm, for example, you can usually remove and replace it quickly and without much expense. 

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